This June, The American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and Practice Greenhealth will begin hosting a select cohort of facility, energy, construction and design professionals who work for safety-net and rural hospitals to support these hospitals in sustainability efforts and becoming more energy efficient.

Safety-net and rural hospitals typically have the fewest resources and least capacity to work on sustainability measures. ASHE and Practice Greenhealth have collaborated to design a unique support system to improve and strengthen sustainability and energy efficiency endeavors for these institutions.

ASHE and Practice Greenhealth will feature experts to help inform and assist participants’ energy efficiency work and will provide administrative support and resources for further learning and development. Anticipated topics include strategic energy management planning, project recommendations at various levels of investment, new technologies and innovative funding mechanisms.

Each cohort member agreed to complete at least one energy efficiency project every two years and to share the overall project and process (including energy and cost savings) with the cohort.

This marks the first partnership between the two organizations. Nine hospitals representing regions from across the United States comprise the first cohort. Their success will determine next steps and whether additional cohorts may be launched in the future.