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Air recirculation unit a helpful tool in bolstering infection prevention


The MaxAssure UV-MAX Room Air Disinfector (RAD) is a recirculation unit, continuously pulling ambient room air through a multistage filtration and UV-C disinfection system, removing airborne contaminants every time the air passes through the unit. The RAD is designed to protect room occupants, including personnel, students, clients and patients, from infection due to airborne microbes, particularly in crowded or poorly ventilated areas where the risk of cross-infection is highest.

Safe and suitable for use in most applications, the germicidal ultraviolet fixture efficiently and effectively destroys airborne bacteria, mold and viruses in enclosed, occupied spaces by coupling hospital-grade filtration with 253.7-nm wavelength UV-C intensity, allowing for maximum disinfection of room air. Independent lab studies indicate a 99.99% efficacy rate in destroying harmful bacteria and viruses.

The RAD requires no professional setup. Simply roll the unit into the area to be treated, plug it into an appropriate power source and turn it on using the touch screen control pad. Built to last and accommodate 24/7 operation, filter monitoring, individual ballast and lamp monitoring, interlock safety interruption and a user-intuitive touch screen come standard with the RAD.

For additional information or for product inquiries, contact a MaxAssure representative or visit its website.

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The CD50DC, CD60DC and TED50DC dampers offer a new coupler option that joins two damper sections without a jackshaft. This allows an actuator to be mounted on the side of the frame and deliver a narrow profile when space is limited. In addition, the DC models have enhanced operational performance with fewer moving parts on larger multisection high sizes. Ruskin

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Prometha Connected Boiler Solutions is an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-powered solution that gives users the ability to remotely monitor boiler systems from anywhere, providing alerts and actionable insights that help increase reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability. Prometha collects data on boiler system health and transmits it wirelessly to a single, easy-to-read dashboard. Cleaver-Brooks

Automated Disinfection

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StyleView medical carts can now come equipped with UV Angel Adapt technology to provide continual surface decontamination. The ultraviolet light technology solution attaches above the work surface or keyboard to safely automate pathogen reduction on workstation surfaces. The solution supports infection prevention measures without disrupting workflows, allowing health care workers to remain on the job. Ergotron Inc.

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The E300 Modular Paneling System is equipped with an ultraviolet modular paneling system that can be deployed to various hospital areas. It uses focused multivector ultraviolet light — focused light energy to improve germicidal effectiveness and speed — to kill off organisms on medical and lab equipment. For example, the unit can be deployed to quickly disinfect a stretcher immediately after patient use. PurpleSun Healthcare Technology

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The LightStrike6 is a chemical-free, no-touch disinfection technology that uses high-intensity broad spectrum UV to deactivate harmful germs in light speed. Its fast cycle time of five minutes or less can be used to enhance a hospital’s disinfection program. It has been proven effective by more than 40 peer-reviewed studies to successfully deactivate harmful pathogens such as VRE, SARS-CoV-2, MRSA and C. difficile. Xenex

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The GLO 150 Upper-Room Germicidal UV Fixture kills airborne viruses and bacteria for infection control in small spaces. The wall-mounted fixture’s high spectral reflector maximizes the ultraviolet-C energy output, making it ideal for spaces up to 150 square feet. Operating 24/7, the high-output germicidal fixture inactivates microbes in less than a second, including measles, mumps, tuberculosis and cold viruses. UV Resources

Patient education and entertainment

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The simple, one-touch ConnectView design allows staff to easily connect with any patient through messaging or video chat directly through the patients’ in-room QBOX ConnecTab tablet. During viral outbreaks, this can be lifesaving for at-risk patients and staff as they continue to provide care, eliminating unnecessary repeated exposure by reducing in-room contact. The QBOX ConnecTab can also be used for patient engagement and entertainment. Quicklert Inc.

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Carousel Cloud, a cloud-based content management system, leverages traditional TV screens and Apple TV devices, which Carousel Cloud automatically configures as media players once connected. The software empowers patients and gives them the opportunity to live full and productive lives by delivering education and entertainment content directly to their fingertips. Carousel Digital Signage

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The GO-GO Gamer Cart brings a safe, flexible solution to deliver gaming entertainment to patients. At 48 inches tall, built with a 24-inch or 32-inch hospital TV display with articulating mount or flat mount for patients who must lie flat in bed, the GO-GO Gamer Cart quickly accommodates patients in beds or clinic chairs for any comfortable viewing angle. PDI Communication Systems Inc.

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The 65-inch 4K Ultra HD model 65US772M features NanoCell display technology for a sharp, vivid picture in an ultra-slim design. It provides built-in support for leading hospital pillow speakers and embedded broadband local area network capability so hospitals can deliver video on demand without requiring a separate set-top box. It also includes LG EZ-Manager configuration software with an intuitive interface. LG Business Solutions USA