Join peers in the field Nov. 8-12 in Las Vegas for a five-day intensive learning environment led by experienced leaders in health care facilities management and construction.

The ASHE Academy 2021, hosted by the American Society for Health Care Engineering, is an in-person, customizable program made up of interactive sessions and workshops. The educational program is ideal for those looking to earn the Certified Healthcare Physical Environment Worker, Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) or Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) designations.

It also provides opportunities to earn continuing education credits while progressing knowledge and skills in several key areas of the health care physical environment. Courses included in the 2021 academy:

  • CHC Exam Review Program. Designed to give attendees the tools for passing the Certified Health Care Constructor Exam, this course provides test taking tips, key topics, and sample questions identified in the CHC content outline as listed in the CHC Candidate Handbook. 
  • Health Care Construction Workshop. This workshop has been completely updated to include the latest regulations. The program offers education with a comprehensive risk management approach to critical topics in health care construction, including: the health care planning, design, and construction process; Life Safety Code® compliance; construction risk assessment; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; medical gas systems; medical technology; and project expectations.
  • CHFM Exam Review Program. This course will help attendees gain confidence in the five key competency areas of the CHFM test. Through a combination of lecture, CHFM-formatted practice test questions and study materials, the course helps in CHFM exam preparation. Attendees also can learn best practices for taking a computer-based test.
  • Managing Infection Prevention in Health Care Facilities. Designed for individuals directly involved in the construction, renovation and operation of health care facilities, this program identifies the infection prevention issues that every contractor, facility manager, architect and engineer must address on the job.
  • Physical Environment Survey Readiness Program. ASHE’s Physical Environment Survey Readiness Program prepares attendees for their next surveys. The format of the course can be customized to address specific requirements and process of various accrediting organizations such as The Joint Commission, DNV and the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program so that attendees get the information they need. The Physical Environment Survey Readiness Program will cover three modules on separate days: life safety module, the care environment module and the emergency management module.
  • Working in Health Care: Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Education & Exam Review. This program offers training for subcontractors, specialty contractors and those who are working in the health care environment. Participants will gain knowledge of the unique intricacies of working in a hospital or other health care facility and can showcase their participation in this program to market their subcontractor or specialty contractor services.

Attendees can select any combination courses or register for a bundled deal:

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