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Wave hello to touchless access with battery-powered actuators


Reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses is crucial in health care settings. Health care-associated infections (HAIs) lead to thousands of deaths each year, even before the coronavirus pandemic. Today, health care hygiene is even more crucial. Touchless access reduces the number of surfaces people touch in a facility, which decreases opportunities for exposure to infections and improves peace of mind. One common way to achieve this is by pairing low-energy automatic door operators with touchless actuators. 

The LCN 8310-2210 battery-powered touchless actuator provides an easy-to-install, budget-friendly solution. It’s ideal for retrofit applications or any openings that aren’t suited for line-powered actuators. When paired with an automatic door operator, this touchless actuator opens the door with a simple wave of the hand. For added simplicity, LCN offers kitted solutions that are pre-programmed to work together. To complete the solution, check out LCN’s offering of automatic door operators. 

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The Infant Mini Transport offers a safe and convenient way for parents to transport infants and their belongings throughout a health care facility. The compact carts safely nest into one another to conserve floor space within the health care facility. The quiet wheels do not build up static charge, and dual brakes keep units stationary during loading and unloading. Patient First Products 

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This customized weather forecasting tool provides valuable analytics to safeguard people and assets while ensuring optimal use of hospital personnel and resources. The at-a-glance dashboards provide situational awareness, which can help to aid in evacuation decision-making and preparing for possible patient surges due to extreme weather events. StormGeo

Medical gas

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MediTrac is a line of corrugated medical gas tubing (CMT) that has expanded its offerings to include a 1.5-inch CMT, the largest diameter CMT in its line. The tubing can be installed quickly with one continuous length from the gas source to a terminal device. The fitting is tested to withstand 1,000 F and 647.5 pounds per square inch gauge. It also includes a fire-retardant jacket for added strength and reliability. Omega Flex Inc. 

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INTELLI-OX+ is a medical oxygen cylinder with an advanced patented digital gauge that provides time remaining information and repeating visual and audible alerts, allowing caregivers to focus on patient care. The mobile medical cylinders accurately monitor gas content, increasing patient mobility while improving safety. Easy-to-use monitoring features save caregivers time as well. Airgas Inc. 

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The X-Treme Manifold Control helps health care facilities focus on patient needs by providing real-time alerts to any electronic device, and updates on gas status and historical usage online on an easy-to-read dashboard. Users are notified by text or email if their manifold system’s conditions become abnormal, a leak is detected, gas supply is running low or if there is a loss of communication. Precise Equipment Co. 

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MyMedGas is controlled via an intuitive reporting dashboard that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators. It provides complete asset life cycle tracking while viewing the inspection status of the facility’s medical gas equipment. Facilities managers can manage assets for multiple facilities, giving them the exact quantities, status and locations of all their medical gas equipment. BeaconMedaes


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The new 48900 PLC Interlock Controller is a cost-effective solution for implementing door interlock and mantrap systems with up to nine doors. The fully integrated single-board solution provides installers with complete programming control of all operating and configuration options without the need and expense of complex software. It integrates with virtually any access control system utilizing dry contacts. Dortronics Systems Inc.

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The Camera Station Secure Entry is an all-in-one video and access control management system. Users can identify and control who enters the premises, and connect to security systems just like any other surveillance solution. It can record everything that’s happening outside the door. Other features include the ability to monitor and control door access, or search logs. Axis Communications

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The Hand Wave Call Sensor is a touchless sensor that allows a way for visitors, vendors and employees of medical facilities to initiate a contactless call with a simple gesture. This sensor is compatible with the IX Series door stations and encourages users to wave “hello” to activate a call. This reduces exposure to germs and the spread of bacteria in high-touch areas. Aiphone Corp.

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The LX500 Color Label Printer prints full-color, photo-quality images and bar codes on highly water-resistant and scratch-resistant labels. Labels can include full-color photos, illustrations, graphics, text and bar codes. The printers are compatible with badge stock made of biodegradable material that is Restriction of Hazardous Substances-compliant, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective visitor management option. Primera Technology Inc.