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Improving patient experience and reducing missed medical appointments with mobile wayfinding


Improving patient experience and reducing missed medical appointments with mobile wayfinding

Health care facilities and sprawling campuses can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. For instance, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s new medical campus covers more than 70 acres. Figuring out where to park and finding the correct office can be stressful and negatively impact the patient experience. 

According to consulting and advisory firm Deloitte, 30% of all hospital visitors get lost on their first visit to a health care facility, and missed medical appointments cost the U.S. health care system $150 billion each year.

Hospital wayfinding systems that utilize Bluetooth low energy technology found in smartphones allow for seamless connectivity and let patients and visitors view the hospital map on their mobile devices and navigate in real time. By investing in wayfinding, health care facilities can improve workflow efficiencies, patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, and reduce missed or late medical appointments.

Health care providers can start simple and grow. A web-based solution can be deployed as an economical stand-alone offering without the need for any on-site hardware installations. Alternatively, combining real-time wayfinding with other location services investments, from a single source, reduces the information technology burden and maximizes return on investment. VIZZIA’s mobile partner services some of the largest health care facilities in the U.S. 

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On Our Radar

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The Safe Hospitals solution is an integrated technology ecosystem that combines video and analytics, command center software and critical communications solutions to help proactively manage threats, drive operational efficiencies and create an environment of safety. A cloud-based platform allows hospitals to tailor how the technologies work together. Motorola Solutions

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The Ecophon Hygiene Advance Wall is designed for the rigors of everyday maintenance. The wall absorbs up to 90% of sound to create quieter, calmer spaces and promote patient healing and well-being. Plus, the same quick-and-easy installation that allows for cleaning behind panels means facilities can enhance acoustics without making major structural modifications. CertainTeed


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The Enduradrive Fan System features permanent magnet, direct-drive technology, in which the fan motor is directly coupled to the fan, eliminating the need for intermediary moving parts like gears or belts. The fan system’s design reduces the risk and cost of failures due to moisture ingress, with upgraded insulation, a double O-ring, a drive-end seal and an integrated drain. Baltimore Air Co. 

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This line of portable room air purifiers is designed to improve indoor air quality while helping to reduce the risk of airborne infections and pollutants. The purifiers come in two models: The Premium Air Purifier features HEPA filtration that captures up to 99.97% of pollutants and pathogens that are 0.3 microns or larger; the Economy model comes with a MERV 13 filter. All units include two-stage filtration. Daikin Applied 

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The AquaForce 30XV product line features technology to harness the power of evaporation to lower ambient air temperatures entering the 30XV chiller, helping to reduce power consumption, increase reliability and extend the life of the chiller. As air is pulled across pre-cooling frames and into the chiller, the outside air is cooled via evaporation. Carrier Global Corp.

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The DLX-N high output, dual-lamp ultraviolet NEMA-4 fixture disinfects HVAC/R airstreams, cooling coils and drain pans, halting infectious diseases such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. UV lamps are inserted inside the duct “spear-style” through two 3/4-inch holes, while the fixture is installed and serviced from an exterior supply, return or exhaust plenums or ducts. UV Resources 

Real-time location systems

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The new FWM8BLZ08-x line consists of a mesh anchor unit for a location/asset tracking reference point; a mesh tag unit with an acceleration sensor for location/asset tracking; a mesh sensor unit with embedded temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, illuminance, sound level and acceleration sensors; and a mesh carbon dioxide sensor unit. Fujitsu Components America Inc. 

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This real-time location system offers a cloud-based, Bluetooth low energy asset tracking solution. It can be rapidly deployed across health systems, in both new and existing facilities without time-consuming, resource-intensive projects. The cloud-based  solution scales easily to provide asset visibility across the health system, tracking assets that move between facilities. Midmark Corp.

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OnDemandOrder is a centralized portal for managing requests for mobile medical equipment and other support services across an enterprise. The portal can be used as a stand-alone software-as-a-service solution or incorporated into a more robust real-time location system that uses a combination of sensors and software to automate procurement when supplies run low. CenTrak

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AirFinder helps hospitals and other health care facilities tag, locate, monitor and manage equipment and assets indoors and outdoors at any time. Through the seamless integration of innovative software and hardware, AirFinder is proven to reduce deployment times for Internet of Things integrations from months to days while lowering cost of ownership by 50% to 90%. Link Labs