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Hospitals and health care facilities can give patients peace of mind and their environmental services teams the power that comes with knowing CaviWipes 2.0 works effectively against viral pathogens of today and tomorrow. 

After 20 years of trusted infection prevention and supporting professionals dedicated to eliminating health care-associated infections, Metrex™ understands the need for efficacy. With its next-generation CaviWipes 2.0, Metrex is stepping it up with even stronger efficacy claims compared to CaviWipes and a two-minute contact time. 

Fully qualified for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Emerging Viral Pathogens Program, CaviWipes 2.0 is a source for infection prevention today and tomorrow. 

To learn more, visit Metrex.

On Our Radar

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Mills Phenolic No-Site Partitions eliminate unpleasant gaps between restroom doors and pilasters for complete privacy. The integral no-site design is now standard for all phenolic models, with a partition line that has been reengineered with a rabbeted edge on both the hinge and latch sides of the door. This grooved edge closes off sightlines and provides flush-finish construction. Bradley Corp. 

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LRTH-DFX is a recessed architectural luminaire now available with UV technology to reduce building occupants’ exposure to harmful bacteria. The product leverages UV lighting and LED for a continuous disinfection solution of occupied spaces that helps to reduce exposure to surface bacteria. The low-profile luminaire is ideal for spaces such as hospitals, nursing homes and fitness centers. Viscor

Floor Care

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AutoVac Stretch is a high-speed cleaning system for wide-area hard surfaces. It features soil removal technology, and a unique approach to recycling water provides for increased productivity. AutoVac Stretch is certified by Green Seal for environmental innovation based on reduced environmental toxicity, waste minimization, use of verified environmentally preferable products, and energy and water conservation. Kaivac Inc.

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The Flex Scrub bristled floor pad blends the easy installation of a traditional floor pad with the robust cleaning power of a brush. The bristles reach in to lift dirt, boosting floor cleanliness. The state-of-the-art design of the Flex Coupler, a patent-pending quick-change universal adaptor, allows the pads to easily attach to any pad driver, turning traditional floor machines into cleaning powerhouses. Malish Corp. 

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This floor neutralizer and conditioner solution is specially designed to neutralize and remove ice-melt deposits, hard water and alkaline pH residue, and boost the effectiveness of the brand’s heavy-duty neutral floor cleaner. The formula is ideal for use on resilient and nonresilient tile floors as well as industrial and commercial cleaning applications. SC Johnson Professional 

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The Neo 2 robot floor scrubber is equipped with artificial intelligence, and features 10 sensors for 360-degree visibility and advanced obstacle avoidance. Combined with advanced diagnostics and remote assistance, the scrubber performs well in autonomy, navigation and safety. Proprietary web-based command center software enables managers to monitor, manage and track one Neo or a fleet. Avidbots Corp.

Waste Management

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The 85 RX pharmacy shredder series is a commercial grade, continuous-duty, easy-to-use shredder with dual-feed openings to handle paper, prescription pill bottles and a wide range of other items that contain sensitive patient information. Its compact size fits under standard pharmacy counters. A built-in automatic oiler keeps the cutting head lubricated and helps to clear residue from adhesive labels and sticky liquids like cough syrup. Intimus

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The Moon Unit features a sleek curved design available in three different sizes and colors. It can stand alone, tuck into a corner of a room or be connected together to collect multiple waste streams. The unit features innovative bag clips that secure the bags firmly in place for easy servicing. It is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. CleanRiver Recycling Solutions 

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ROPAX Traversing Compactors significantly reduce the level of waste in open-top containers. These rolling compactors employ a traversing system that allows them to be configured to service from two to eight side-by-side containers. They require no special site preparation and take up only minimally more space than the containers they service. Epax Systems Inc. 

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The Slim Jim Recycling Station offers a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality. It features intuitive lid openings to help patrons and staff sort recyclables more effectively. It helps to provide better waste stream visibility by allowing owners to select a color and waste stream label for unique facility needs. Hinging lid inserts are optimized to fit any size recyclable. Rubbermaid Commercial Products