The 2021 ASHE Academy will be held Nov. 8-12 in Las Vegas.

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The 2021 American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) Academy will offer learners a personalized, intensive instructional environment conducted by experienced leaders in health care facilities management and construction in Las Vegas on Nov. 8-12.

Attendees will earn continuing education credits (CECs) from various in-person programs taught by trusted educators while networking and problem-solving with their peers. All are welcome, and ASHE members will enjoy reduced program fees.

Learners who attend the ASHE Academy will receive customized education that supports personal career advancement as well as the success of their teams and organizations, benefiting patients, staff, visitors and communities as a whole.

There are also a range of CECs and certifications available to earn at this immersive educational event, depending on the individual workshops and exams or program bundles each learner selects. Certain bundles can save registrants up to $500 in program fees.

The bundles include the following:

Health Care Construction Bundle: 3 Days + 1-Day Exam Review | 24.5 CECs. This bundle prepares constructors for the unique aspects of working in health care environments by detailing the latest compliance issues and construction risks and exploring application of best practices for preventing infections in health care facilities. The conclusion of this comprehensive learning bundle focuses on preparing for the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) exam, which will also be offered at the ASHE Academy for learners to sit for a separate fee.

Facility Manager Bundle: 3 Days + 1-Day Exam Review | 21 CECs. Tailored to health care facility managers, this bundle covers the entire survey process, regulations including National Fire Protection Association codes and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Conditions of Participation, and common areas of deficiencies. Learners will be equipped to prepare health care facilities for their next physical environment compliance survey and to maintain continuous compliance. Appropriate for both those new to surveys and veterans of the process, this comprehensive learning bundle concludes with preparations for the Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) exam, which will also be available at the ASHE Academy for learners to sit for a separate fee.

Working in Health Care Bundle: 1 Day + Online Exam | 4 CECs + Online Exam. Best suited for subcontractors, specialty contractors and those new to working in health care environments, this learning bundle describes the many intricacies of working in a hospital or other health care facility, including risks to patients during construction; fundamentals of life safety and interim life safety measures; infection prevention; and the technology, units and roles within health care facilities. Learners can earn a badge showcasing their knowledge of working safely in health care systems by passing the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Exam included in this bundle. 

The bundles combine distinct selections of related sessions, all of which may also be taken individually. ASHE Academy sessions include the following: 

Certified Healthcare Constructor Exam Review Program. This offers tools for passing the CHC exam with test-taking tips, key topics and sample questions.

Certified Healthcare Facility Manager Exam Review Program. This prepares learners for the CHFM exam in its five key competency areas.

Health Care Construction Workshop | 17.5 CECs. This expands learners’ knowledge of working in a health care environment with a comprehensive risk management approach to critical topics in health care construction.

Managing Infection Prevention in Health Care Facilities | 7 CECs. This guides learners to proactively prevent infection in health care facilities during maintenance, renovation and construction.

Physical Environment Survey Readiness: Life Safety Module | 7 CECs. This walks learners through The Joint Commission Life Safety Code survey process and relevant regulations.

Physical Environment Survey Readiness: The Care Environment Module | 7 CECs. This prepares learners for The Joint Commission Environment of Care survey process and describes relevant regulations.

Physical Environment Survey Readiness: Emergency Management Module | 7 CECs. This helps learners navigate The Joint Commission Emergency Management survey process and relevant regulations.

Working in Health Care: Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Education and Exam Review | 4 CECs. This delineates working in health care facilities for learners who can showcase program participation to market subcontractor or specialty contractor services.

With a separate fee and registration process, the Certified Healthcare Constructor Exam and Certified Healthcare Facility Manager Exam are also offered at the ASHE Academy.

The 2021 ASHE Academy focuses on individual needs and networking opportunities, delivering learners of various professional experiences with a brand new, specialized educational event that health care facilities professionals will not want to miss. Those new to working in health care and those who are seasoned professionals, contractors, subcontractors, constructors, facility managers and others are encouraged to attend the 2021 ASHE Academy for an unforgettable and impactful experience. 

ASHE knows the health care built environment

The American Society for Health Care Engineering's (ASHE's) robust education lineup addresses current hot topics in the field. Whether one is a health care facility manager, an engineer, a contractor or an architect, ASHE programs will enhance their professional experience and development. These programs include:

  • eLearning courses. ASHE's eLearning courses include Application of (National Fire Protection Association) NFPA 99 in Health Care Facilities e-Learning Course, Electrical Systems for Health Care Facilities e-Learning Course, Finance and Budgeting for Facility Managers e-Learning Course and Managing Life Safety e-Learning Course, among many others.
  • In-person and virtual instructor-led training. In addition to the ASHE Academy (see main article), ASHE's Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition and International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning Design & Construction, ASHE offers a variety of in-person and virtual learning workshops, educational programs and exam reviews.
  • Hosted programs. ASHE offers hosted education programming that brings ASHE’s expert faculty members to an organization for training. Hosted programs allow health care organizations, private companies, government and military groups, and ASHE-affiliated chapters to bring quality educational programming directly to their employees and team members.
  • Webinars. On Wednesdays, ASHE offers webinars that provide the most current training and resources on a variety of topics essential to those in the health care facility management and health care construction fields. Content is delivered by leaders in the field and focuses on the ever-changing challenges within operations, management, planning, design and construction.
  • Lunch & Learns. ASHE’s Lunch & Learn series covers hot topics in the field of health care facility management. In less than an hour, facilities professionals can become more familiar with a wide array of topics geared toward the products, services and topics provided by each organization. Other programs in this series are available on demand. 
  • On Demand. ASHE members have access to an extensive library of curated and convenient online content, allowing them to learn continuously anytime, anywhere. ν