In-person training and workshops can help push staff skills and knowledge to the next level.

Image courtesy of ASHE

The COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on many in-person events, including training and education programs. Whether it was cancelling continuing education courses in order to limit community spread of the coronavirus or delaying programs due to time and resource constraints, training and education has been yet another casualty of the pandemic within many organizations.

But, as many health care facilities and professional associations begin to return to normal or “new-normal” operations, in-person training and education programs are making their way back on to the calendar.

Organizations looking for specialized education can take advantage of one of many customizable hosted education programs offered by the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE). Read the FAQ below to learn more.

What is an ASHE hosted education program?

Rather than requiring facilities staff or association members to travel off-site for training and education, ASHE faculty members bring the education directly to you. Educational opportunities include a variety of workshops, special programs and exam reviews. You can find a complete list here

What does ASHE provide for the program?

ASHE provides all printed material for the live presentation of the two-day educational program. It also covers the fees, travel and lodging for its expert faculty members who will be teaching the program, and a computer and LCD projector used by the faculty. Other factors taken care of by ASHE include:

  • A spread sheet template used to provide registration information.
  • An option to have the registration link and information from the organization posted to ASHE’s web calendar.
  • Continuing education credits for each participant.

What does the host organization provide?

In addition to providing a site for the program, host organizations will need to provide a registration list using the ASHE-provided before the program date. ASHE has posted a detailed list of other host organization responsibilities here.

How do I sign up to have ASHE host a program for my team?

Education Programs are provided on a first-come first-served basis and are subject to faculty availability. All requests should be submitted 90 days before the desired program date via the request form.

Is there a cost to host a program?

Yes. There is a minimum fee for 1-25 attendees for all programs except for Health Care Construction Workshop, which has a minimum fee for 1-40 attendees.

Do you offer reduced pricing for special interest groups?

Yes! ASHE Affiliated Chapters and federal organizations can take advantage of reduced pricing for hosted programs.

Does ASHE offer customized programs?

Yes. Based on faculty availability, ASHE can customize and create programs based on a team’s specific needs. However, because these programs will take time to develop, it is recommended that host organizations send an inquiry at least six months before the desired program date.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Organizations can fill out a request form to get started, and an ASHE staff member will reach out to review the form and answer any questions. Alternatively, Melissa Binotti-Heim, ASHE program and conference manager, can assist with questions and inquiries. She can be reached via email at