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Flexible solutions for health care's firestopping and barrier management needs

Health care systems continually struggle to maintain a state of compliance around their rated walls. Low-voltage/IT cabling, contractor penetrations and equipment installations result in a never-ending workload of repairs and a constant state of risk for both patient and employee life safety, but also with surveyors. Fire Door Solutions (FDS) has the firestopping expertise to resolve these issues and deliver you to a constant state of compliance. FDS is an authorized/certified manufacturer partner with STI, Hilti and 3M. FDS offers the following comprehensive solution services for all your firestopping and barrier management requirements:
  • Firestop survey.
  • Firestop survey with remediation.
  • Firestop survey with risk focus.
  • Scab patch repair.
  • Cable and J-Box management.

FDS understands the budget restraints health care encounters each day. To help with this issue, we have created flexible solutions to lessen the budgetary pressure:

  • FDS will beat any competitive price.
  • Offering flexible payment options — long- and short-term.
  • Continuous maintenance engagement model to support longer-term remediations.

For more information, visit Fire Door Solutions.

On Our Radar

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The Provider 790 Nurse Call System can be integrated into isolation intercom stations, allowing caregivers to directly communicate with their patients without the need to enter the patient room. The isolation intercom station is easily added in the hallway outside of each patient room and utilizes the Provider nurse call components already installed. The Provider 790 platform is fully interoperable to route calls between platforms and share activity reporting. Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. 

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The Pro Trim Tack Sticky Mats and Sticky Rollers now offer built-in antimicrobial product protection. Sticky mats and rollers are commonly used in facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and entrances to cleanrooms, for everything from floors and walls to tabletops and cabinets. This antimicrobial product protection acts on the cell wall of each microbe to inhibit its ability to grow and reproduce, helping the product fight the degrading effects of microbial activity. Scapa Group


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The Zen Plus Rocker’s heavily weighted design makes it safe and stable, while internal reinforcement and a fully enclosed base prevents concealment and provides the strength and durability required for challenging environments. Its fluid rocking motion provides a source of focus and calm, and the smoothly reclined shape provides comfort. It evenly distributes additional weight to prevent overturning. Pineapple Furniture

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Jetty:Mod is a modular sofa with the flexibility to solve the needs of the modern workplace and the adaptability to accommodate new workplace considerations in the future. It optimizes user posture and comfort for work away from the desk. Jetty:Mod is also an ideal choice for influencing circulation patterns or distancing individuals, while anticipating the possibility of any future need for alterations. Allsteel

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Valet is a new lounge series offering soft design lines that invites patients and visitors to sit in comfort, creating a space of respite in any health care environment. The Valet series is offered in two separate categories, with one product group ideal for general health care environments and a second designed specifically for behavioral health. Stance Healthcare

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Prodigy is integral in creating a bedroom setting that lends to rest and mental relaxation without sacrificing safety. Prodigy prevents intentional destruction and manipulation with a reinforced polymer, one-piece construction. The design and exclusive floor-mounting system mitigate ligature points to defeat self-harm. The bedroom set endures constant use, is easy to clean, and gives peace of mind to patients and staff. Norix Group Inc. 

Fire safety 

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The Autocall 4100ES and 4010ES fire alarm control units now feature an 8-inch color touchscreen display to improve fire panel performance by giving users more information, more intuitive functionality, easier multi-language accessibility and improved aesthetics. The touchscreen can display eight color-coded events simultaneously so users and first responders can gather critical information quickly. Johnson Controls

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The new UL-268 Seventh Edition Standard includes several changes, with the most important changes being heightened sensitivity to fire and more immunity to deceptive phenomena. The standard now includes fire detection for polyurethane, providing the ability to respond quickly to allow a safe escape time with these types of fires. Siemens Industry Inc. 

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The Series RFII-C 5.6 K-factor Royal Flush II Quick Response Concealed Pendent sprinkler features a concealed design, allowing for uninterrupted aesthetics in hallways and corridors. Each sprinkler is compatible with a cover plate and retainer assembly, and a sprinkler and support cup assembly to allow easier system testing and servicing. Tyco

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EST4 features new network architecture to make fire alarm, mass notification and building integration easy to implement, quick to service and secure in the face of today’s cyber threats. The emergency communications system is equally suited to new and retrofit projects. The large, full-color LCD touchscreen with tactile buttons gives fast, intuitive access to service and responder functions. Edwards Fire Safety