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The Eaton 9395XC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) sets are designed to anticipate the growing needs of data centers for large power capacity. The new solutions feature smaller footprints while retaining high-power density for everything from hyperscale and multi-tenant data centers to enterprise applications. It is compatible with both valve-regulated lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion UPS batteries. Eaton

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The MedMaster MPH headwall luminaire has multiple functions, including ambient, exam and reading lights and includes a 2,700-Kelvin option or amber night lights. The luminaires are ideal for one-for-one replacement of outdated fluorescent headwall fixtures. It offers Indigo-Clean technology, which kills harmful pathogens. Kenall Manufacturing

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The Lasata patient recliner’s intuitively designed features include a dual-steel mechanism for adjusting, a foot ottoman and chair back that operate independently of one another, dual back rest activation levers and locking dual pivoting arms. The ergonomically designed chair supports the mission of surrounding patients with a sense of calm. Carolina

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The CLOi GuideBot tackles complex user interactions like answering voice questions, accompanying guests to their destination, and displaying visual information about facilities and services. The CLOi GuideBot stands just under 5-feet tall and greets everyone with a friendly 9.2-inch LCD “face” display. Using a high-quality microphone, 3D camera and 18 sensors, the robot can navigate busy spaces. LG Business Solutions USA

Computerized maintenance management systems

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Prepare regulatory binders in a fraction of the time with CMS

Created in collaboration with inspectors from The Joint Commission, eBinders ensure health care organizations are always prepared for compliance surveys with FSI’s easy-to-use computerized maintenance management software, CMS.

CMS allows users to run and review reports, organize binders and pull correct information in seconds within this computerized maintenance management software.

There are several benefits with eBinders:

  • Save time on reviews. Cut down on physically running reports and organizing binders to focus on being compliant.
  • Cut down on errors. Standardize naming conventions for each automated binder report.
  • Automate reporting. Create monthly, recurring inspection-ready reports that are available on the date specified, even on the weekend.
  • Find reports quickly. Easily locate files by month, building, compliance indicators, custom tags and more.
  • Eliminate physical binders. Store documentation online to have detailed facility history available immediately, from the office to the beach.

FSI’s cloud-based computerized maintenance management software, CMS, manages over 650 million square feet of facility space and surveys another 50 million square feet every year. Join thousands of health care service professionals that use FSI’s tools, from CMS to eBinders — empowering teams to create safe health care environments.

Start saving time and put compliance first with eBinders. Get in touch with an FSI team member today at fsiservices.com/cmms/contact-us or call 412-567-4070 to learn more. FSI Services

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The complete Soleran Healthcare Integrated Compliance Management solution encompasses six connected suites that “talk” to each other. The suites seamlessly combine multiple compliance solutions into one and include a Work Orders Suite, Rounding Suite, Security Manager Suite, Project Manager Suite, Permit Manager Suite and Vendor Manager Suite. The cloud-based solution helps to track all regulatory compliance needs. Soleran

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The Limble CMMS is a modern, easy-to-use, mobile-first maintenance software that helps maintenance and facilities managers organize maintenance work, automate work scheduling, monitor work history, generate reports and organize asset data. The centralized web and mobile software can hold all maintenance information. Features include speech-to-text recording, 60-second work order logging, instant communication and more. Limble

Patient education and entertainment systems

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Sonifi Health digital whiteboards have added a new mother-baby configuration to help hospitals enhance the patient experience with postpartum moms and their families. In addition to hospital-branded and electronic health record-integrated features available on Sonifi’s digital boards, the new mother-baby displays update to show information about new moms and their babies. Sonifi Health

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The RoomMate Television is a complete solution for patient engagement. The connected TVs assist in educating patients with multimedia content right at their fingertips from the comfort of their hospital beds. Patients can access the hospital’s library of educational videos and stay in touch with friends and family. Healthcare Information LLC

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The 4K QLED Smart Healthcare TV is an all-in-one communication hub. The in-room technology allows clinicians to display patient electronic health records, and conduct telehealth consultations in high definition right in the room via a secure wireless connection and a mobile device using ShareSafe’s content casting technology. Samsung

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The medTV Cart with adjustable arm and integrated low-voltage power over coaxial cable brings facilities a mobile and flexible solution to deliver entertainment to patients and visitors. It is designed for small or temporary treatment spaces. At 48 inches tall, with an adjustable arm for extended motion and screen tilt, the cart accommodates angles for a reclining, sitting or standing position. PDi Communication Systems Inc.