As leaders in health care facilities management, we are privileged to have influence in the safety and healing of patients as well as the safety and welfare of caregivers and visitors. We have direct impact on the financial and operational success of our facilities. It is what makes our field so rewarding. 

This year, the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) Advisory Board approved a new three-year strategic plan, which has a renewed focus on member engagement, career advancement and workforce development. In 2022, progress made toward the plan goals includes the following:

• Additional resources on sustainability through decarbonization initiatives.

• The ASHE Reliability-Centered Maintenance Guide, which will help you understand how to implement reliability-centered maintenance in your facility to help you more efficiently manage it.

• The second book in our Health Facilities Management Handbook Series, focused on planning, design and construction.

• A new benchmarking initiative.

• To help drive member inclusion, the 2022 PDC Summit and Annual Conference initiated a “shadow a leader” pilot program in which young professionals shadow Advisory Board members at ASHE events. We found the benefits of shadowing and being shadowed in this program are mutual.

• The program we designed to introduce high school students to health care facilities management, of which I am especially proud.

• Beginning the journey toward implementing a retired status for the Certified Healthcare Facility Manager and Certified Healthcare Constructor certifications.

I must thank the great Advisory Board we have, the ASHE staff and my wife Brenda, without whom I would not have been able to succeed as your president.

Also, if only you knew the humble beginnings I came from. The idea that I could have a career like this and serve you as president is beyond my comprehension. I must thank Jesus Christ for saving me and blessing me so far and above all I need or could have dreamed. Without Him and the impact knowing Him has been on my life, I would not be here today.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.