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PURELL Touch-Free ES8 hand-hygiene dispensers feature industry-exclusive energy-on-the-refill technology. Each new hand sanitizer or soap refill comes with its own energy source — a coin cell battery that’s integrated into the refill. As a result, when users replace the empty refill, they get fresh product and fresh energy in one simple step. Also, a backup power source inside the dispenser provides added assurance. GOJO

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These temperature sensors for refrigerators and freezers offer traceable calibration to provide continuous documentation for storing cold inventory in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Models include the 2.8K temperature sensor, 2.8K ultra-low temperature sensor and the WSG wireless temperature sensor. Sensaphone

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CleanAire II ductless hoods are comprised of chemical- and flame-resistant, nonmetallic, composite resin with a molded one-piece seamless interior fume chamber. A vertical sliding clear acrylic sash contains process fumes, while a built-in carbon filtration system absorbs nontoxic fumes and odors, and recirculates clean air back into the room. HEMCO

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Gleem+ is a line of chairs, benches and tables designed for high-traffic and multiuse areas. Offered in a range of wood finish and contract-grade upholstery options to suit traditional and contemporary design sensibilities alike, the line’s seating options feature an integrated wall-saver design and are outfitted with polyurethane arm caps to mitigate wear and extend product life. Indiana Furniture

Computerized maintenance management systems

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Quickly visualize assets and work orders with CMS View

Health care facilities professionals are always looking for ways to streamline operations. What if they could easily filter assets or work orders and locate issues with a tap of an icon right on their mobile devices?

With CMS View, users can increase productivity with visibility into work orders across their floor plans, perform maintenance from the field, and improve data accuracy with mobile floor plans featuring accurate asset and work order locations. Connected via the cloud, all assets and work orders update instantly when online or later on. CMS View also helps ensure 100% compliance by easily locating and editing work orders and associated equipment on floor plans. CMS’s Spot Shadow tool identifies areas above or below that may require support.

At the heart of an efficient computerized maintenance management system is accurate, reliable data. CMS View allows users to change the location of an asset by dragging the icon to the equipment’s new location on the floor plan. Need to include an image? Easily attach photos to work orders from a mobile device to identify where issues took place.

Ready to create more streamlined operations for your team? Connect with FSI today.

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HEMS One is the latest version of the standout hospital equipment management software noted for its robust feature list, including an onboard call center board, on-demand preventive maintenance procedure creation and mobile functionality. HEMS One offers expanded and improved features including an upgraded analytics dashboard, advanced search function, streamlined processes for closing work orders and uploading equipment, and more. EQ2

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The Permit Manager suite combines five maintenance management applications to simplify approval processes both for internal and vendor-facing permits. The cloud-based, integrated tools allow users to apply for, review and approve general permits online, and review permit status in real time via custom dashboards. Vendor contact information can be stored in-platform to reduce data entry burden, while automated workflows keep projects moving smoothly. Soleran

Interior surfaces

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These panels are made from 100% polyethylene terephthalate material containing at least 60% post-consumer recycled material and are Class A fire rated. Lightweight, easy to cut and install, and bleach cleanable, they are simple to maintain but match the acoustic properties of traditional acoustic tile. The panels are fully customizable and available in 30 solid colors or a range of printed designs. Kirei

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he Lively collection offers a more affordable and more durable alternative to premium stone finishes like marble and limestone. A composite of naturally derived alumina trihydrate and acrylic resin, these surfaces are antibacterial, nonporous, and impact-, scratch- and fire-resistant, yet are nontoxic, recyclable and malleable enough to be formed into custom shapes. Durasein

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AIR-board acoustic panels are made from a translucent, perforated polycarbonate to diffuse both light and sound, making them ideal for creating more private spaces without impeding natural light. The panels can be used alone as room dividers or mounted from ceilings or walls. They are available in custom color options or may be digitally printed. Moxie

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These decorative columns feature appealing laser-cut designs, from architectural and geometric patterns to organic and biophilic shapes, to enliven otherwise unadorned structural elements. The easy-to-maintain, powder-coated aluminum columns are available in round, square, oval or racetrack forms and can be backlit to provide functional lighting and illuminate the elegant cutaways. Moz Designs