In celebration of Earth Month 2023 last April, American Biltrite announced the official launch of its new carbon-neutral rubber sheet flooring collection ABPURE® Infinity. It is the first flooring collection produced with renewable natural gas (RNG) from organic waste, helping to reduce greenhouse gases at the source.

“ABPURE Infinity is our first cradle-to-gate carbon-neutral rubber sheet flooring,” says Catherine del Vecchio, vice president of marketing ­– flooring division at American Biltrite. “Our research and development team looked into a number of ways to make this new product line carbon neutral without purchasing carbon credits. The clear solution was to manufacture ABPURE Infinity with renewable natural gas derived from organic waste. It is a new energy source produced locally by collecting society’s organic waste and transporting it to biomethanation farms, where the waste is fermented to create a gas that is purified, becoming a renewable natural gas (RNG). This contributes directly to reducing greenhouse gases at the source. The full amount of RNG made from 100% organic waste is used to offset ABPURE’s cradle-to-gate carbon footprint, as measured in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).”

Using RNG made from organic waste to manufacture ABPURE Infinity has an actual and direct impact in reducing greenhouse gases at the source. ABPURE Infinity is perfectly aligned with the industry’s desire to improve its carbon footprint because it contributes to reducing buildings' embodied and operational carbon footprint.

First, carbon-neutral materials help reduce the embodied carbon in buildings. And durable flooring that is easy to maintain and disinfect without the use of harsh chemicals, like wax, also helps to reduce the operational carbon footprint of buildings, which is true in the case of ABPURE. ABPURE features the Nfuse® technology that penetrates and seals the flooring, making it an occupancy-ready collection that never needs to be waxed. ABPURE rubber flooring also comes with the best color-fastness guarantee in the market with PURE colors: true whites and blues that will never fade or yellow. Internal laboratory test results have demonstrated that ABPURE shows the least tarnish after repeated disinfection protocols compared to other rubber floorings. All of ABPURE’s amazing features are now available in its new carbon-neutral collection: ABPURE Infinity.

An elegant tone-on-tone visual in 20 earth-centric colors

ABPURE Infinity is a 3-millimeter rubber sheet flooring that features an elegant tone-on-tone chip visual. The goal for the Infinity color system was to develop a timeless neutral base collection to help create comforting environments, and the collection pays homage to Mother Nature with soothing colors. The colorway was inspired by the Color Marketing Group color forecast and combined feedback from health care designers. It includes colors that coordinate with some of the most frequently used paint colors and Inpro® wall paneling, eliminating one challenge for interior finishing color coordination.

Image courtesy of American Biltrite

The Infinity palette features foundational base colors running from light to dark within hue families to create harmonious tonal combinations. The line has a large selection of foundational greys and beiges, environmental blues and greens, and uplifting accent colors.

“The Infinity color line is based on the concept of four pillars, each one representing a different avenue for healing through color therapy,” says Lora Di Fabio, head of design at American Biltrite and Color Marketing Group board member. “The specific color choices were based on a matrix of natural hues with therapeutic properties and crossed with forward-trending color directions: Oasis, Engage, Nexus and Jovial.”

Image courtesy of American Biltrite

OasisSoothing biophilic colors that provide the healing and restorative powers of nature. The Infinity color palette brings the benefits of the natural environment indoors — from lake blues to eco greens.

Image courtesy of American Biltrite

Engage. Warm, nostalgic colors that reconnect us to simpler and more familiar times. Humans are prone to sentimentalism, longing for a return to simpler, pleasant and more familiar times. These nostalgic colors, from warm greys to basic beiges, create the basis for a path to a more healthful future. 

Image courtesy of American Biltrite

Nexus. The forces of nature and bioengineering technology combine to deliver optimal benefits. A palette of contemporary mineral greys and white connects to the healing and combined forces of both the natural realm and the expanding potential of bioengineering technology. 

Image courtesy of American Biltrite

Jovial. A versatile trio of uplifting organic accent colors. No palette is quite complete without a dose of cheerfulness. The organic accent hues are reminiscent of the Italian Riviera — both uplifting and relaxing, as any seaside resort should be. Ideal to use as a wayfinding element or in a pediatric environment.

The new carbon-neutral ABPURE Infinity is a collection respectful of mother nature. Visit American Biltrite’s website to discover the full collection! 

What is renewable natural gas, and how is it used to make ABPURE Infinity carbon neutral? 

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is a new energy source produced locally by collecting society’s organic waste. 

Instead of letting organic waste go to landfills where they would release greenhouse gases, the organic waste from industrial, commercial, agricultural and even residential activities are collected.

This organic waste is transported to a biomethanation farm where it is fermented to generate a gas that is then purified, to become RNG made from 100% organic waste.

The full amount of RNG made from 100% organic waste is used to offset ABPURE’s cradle-to-gate carbon footprint, as measured in its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Catherine Del Vecchio, vice president of marketing – flooring division at American Biltrite.