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Tenable OT Security solutions fortify building operational technology (OT) networks and help teams mitigate cyber threats. The latest version includes active queries, a configuration interface that passively monitors networks to discover and classify devices as information technology or OT, and apply security protocols accordingly. New features also include added support for building management systems like security, HVAC and more. Tenable

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Falcon Big Red stainless natural gas connectors are designed for stationary and caster-mounted commercial food service appliances. They are constructed from braided steel sheathed in a NSF 51-certified PVC sleeve with chrome-plated, 360-degree rotational brass fittings that comply with ANSI Z21.69/CSA 6.16 and ANSI Z21.75/CSA 6.27. Rector Seal

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Equip is an all-in-one wireless headset intercom system suited to team communications across large areas. This system operates with roaming ability in the 5-gigahertz frequency for coverage and clarity, and it uses up to four remote transceivers that each support 10 duplex two-channel wireless headsets, enabling large teams to communicate seamlessly. Clear-Com

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The Aire Guardian Shield Core is a reusable wall system designed for sound attenuation to reduce construction noise and add thermal insulation in critical environments. This modular system consists of an aluminum exterior, galvanized steel interior and a closed-cell foam core. It is compatible with the brand’s other panel systems, and its ergonomic design allows the walls to be set up within hours by as few as two people. Abatement Technologies


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Unity Recliner Series provides solution for multiple stages of health care

Stryker’s new modern, durable and comfortable Unity recliners were developed to meet the needs of caregivers, patients and users across the continuum of care. The Unity Recliner Series is available in three models: Value, Treatment and Clinical. Each model features extended wave-shaped armrests to help patients get in and out of the recliner, a wall-saver recline mechanism to help maximize space in compact patient rooms, large steer casters to provide stability and maneuverability throughout the facility, 360 degrees of clean-out space, a powder-coated steel base for long-term durability, and performance cushion material for a supportive and comfortable seat.

The Treatment and Clinical models are designed to help aid in the recovery process. Both the Clinical and Treatment models feature flip-up arm options that rotate up and back to provide clearance and access to help facilitate safe patient handling, transfers and early mobility. In addition, the Treatment model comes standard with a two-hook IV pole. With a range of options, Stryker Unity recliners can help standardize seating across the continuum of care to meet the needs of each department, support the work of caregivers, and offer patients and users comfort on the journey throughout treatment and recovery. Stryker

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The Flo Casegoods collection for health care has expanded to include a bed, a bed with side storage and a bedside storage unit. Each model is made from rotationally molded, 100% recyclable polyethylene for stain resistance and easy cleaning. Pieces are designed with rounded corners and edges, and flush-to-wall design for safety and efficient space planning. Other optional features suited to behavioral health spaces include lower-height beds for accessibility, enclosed furniture bottoms, bolt-to-floor brackets and a patient restraint module. Stance

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The Suspend recliner features modern ergonomics with state-of-the-art foam and suspension technology to provide a comfortable and flexible seating option for patient care spaces. It is available in 16 different variations with different reclining mechanisms, including locking, motorized and hydraulic operation, as well as various backrest and footrest positions. The chair’s uninterrupted, cleanable surfaces make them infection control-friendly, and most models are equipped with casters for easy mobility. IOA


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The KSQ mixed flow roof supply fan provides energy-efficient building supply or untempered makeup air in settings where heating and cooling are not required. Available in direct-drive sizes seven through 33, this fan’s mixed flow wheel improves airflow and efficiency while reducing sound levels. Additionally, its compact design and various intake and discharge configurations enable flexible installation for small-footprint applications. Greenheck

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The CXVT evaporative condenser delivers high efficiency with low installation and operating costs for large-scale projects. Its low-horsepower axial fan and induced draft functionality enable robust thermal capacity while minimizing refrigerant consumption. Its combined crossflow technology reduces scale buildup to extend coil life. Baltimore Aircoil Company

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The Adiatec ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency oscillation to turn water into fine mist. As the mist evaporates, it lowers the air temperature to reduce cooling load. Available in 13 models, this humidifier achieves precise humidity control by modulating demand signal to regulate temperature and airflow, while a hydronic drain helps maintain sanitation standards. DriSteem

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The Stainless Vertical Firetube series’ low-emission, high-efficiency boilers are made to be easy to install and maintain with zero clearance, thanks to front- or back-only access to burner and fire tubes via a cover plate or hatch. Standard features include a color touch-screen display and remote monitoring BACnet capability. These boilers are offered in propane or natural gas fuel options with a full line of venting options. Weil-McLain