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Establish compliance in your health care facility

An important criterion for a first-class property environment is the establishment of risk management and loss prevention programs to ensure the reliability of fire and life safety systems. Barrier management programs (BMPs) are one such risk management practice that entails identifying all types of fire-rated assemblies, including the types of penetrations and the activities that cause them to become breached. 

This program is intended to provide a road map of best practices that can be utilized to assist the commissioning of new projects and maintaining these barriers post-construction. Maintenance of all rated and non-rated barrier construction must be ongoing to keep a health care facility safe and compliant with national, state and local standards. Interested parties can work with members of the Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) organization to establish the criteria for compliance in their facility. 

The outcome of the collaboration is the BMP portal, a digital gateway into the information needed to stay compliant through policies, procedures, training and firestop systems. All members involved in the project can be invited to have access to the BMP, where they can view the portal and export any relevant documents needed for their work. 

BMP and Firestop Locator work hand-in-hand. For more information, health care facilities professionals should visit its website. STI

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The Universal Latch Sensor attaches easily to an existing latch and door frame to offer a low-impact security and functionality upgrade to door-latch systems. The device uses a simple magnet to detect a latch’s status, triggering a security alert or turning on indicator lights to illuminate small spaces when a latch is open. Unlike other door monitoring systems, this system monitors the latch itself, providing a more accurate assessment of the open or locked status of a door. Southco

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BioUp technology uses an enhanced LED spectrum that includes cyan light to help increase the biological impact of light and enhance circadian rhythms without impacting visual color impression, helping to regulate patient sleep-wake cycles, daytime engagement and mood. Products that feature BioUp technology include troffers, downlights and architectural luminaires, as well as products designed for health care facility applications such as behavioral health. Cooper Lighting Solutions


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The VP72 4K industrial-grade interactive digital signage media player features a built-in scheduler for cycling programmed content. It plays and loops content with high-bitrate playback in 4K, 2K and 1080 resolution and automatically powers off and on without manual configuration. This display also has interactive capabilities when paired with LED push buttons, proximity sensors, RFID scanners or other hardware triggers. Videotel Digital

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3D Form is an interior signage solution that incorporates raised graphics, Grade II braille and textured surfaces. These signs satisfy Americans with Disabilities Act standards with a multistep printing and curing process to ensure tactile elements are detailed and withstand wear from solvents and abrasion. Signs are printed with a process that accepts various surfaces including wood, ceramic tile, metal and glass. ASI Sign Systems Inc.

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The TRx centralized management platform for video wall systems combines audiovisual-over-internet-protocol distribution; advanced multi- video wall control; and keyboard, video and mouse management. Users can manage and distribute content from various source types to any display with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, as well as create customized control panels to run on any browser or mobile device. VuWall

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Frame modular signs consist of an extruded aluminum frame that accepts front-loading, customizable sign inserts. Made from environmentally friendly materials, including recyclable aluminum and sustainable- certified wood elements, each component within the system can be replaced or interchanged. The system satisfies the criteria outlined in the latest Department of Veterans Affairs design manual. 2/90 Sign Systems


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This sensor-operated hand wash sink with Axion eye and face wash features a wall-mounted, barrier-free design that is easy to install in small spaces. It simplifies usage with a single water supply, single-outlet power installation and a battery backup option. It complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, American National Standards Institute and Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Haws Corp.

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The EZ Flush sensor retrofit kit easily converts manual-flush toilets for hands-free operation. With sleek, impact-resistant housing and battery-powered, gear-driven operation for reliable performance, the unit is side-mountable on the left or right side for easy installation. It is also equipped with a toggle feature that allows for mechanical flushing. Zurn Elkay

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HyTronic Patient Care Faucets empower facilities professionals to easily manage the health of a hospital’s water system. These touch-free, programmable faucets are Bluetooth-enabled to allow facilities managers to remotely adjust device specifications by room and activate cleaning and flushing modes via the simple and intuitive CF Connect app. Chicago Faucets

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AquaPort is a self-contained heat transfer station that converts a building’s hydronic heating supply to on-demand domestic hot water (DHW). This unit reduces centralized DHW and recirculation piping, resulting in minimized standby losses, increased boiler efficiency, and energy and water savings. It also improves water quality by eliminating more than half of the total DHW volume while enabling higher water turnover. Uponor