The full building life cycle includes proper planning, procurement and optimization of a health care organization’s physical assets. After the completion of a thorough facility condition assessment and planning investment priorities as described in the accompanying article, it’s time to procure the work, which can often take longer than the actual construction.

Jackson Health System, a nonprofit medical system in Florida, utilizes an alternative construction delivery method to reduce procurement time. It recently renovated the Ira C. Clark Diagnostic Treatment Center (DTC) to accommodate the growing local population and medical advancements. The DTC, built in 1995, includes almost 60 facilities and serves as a central hub for all departments, including Jackson Memorial Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in the U.S.

The renovation included a complete overhaul of the cafe and marketplace, aiming to create a tech-friendly, social space promoting healthy eating. The project was realized through job order contracting, a construction procurement method that allows multiple projects to be completed under one competitively awarded contract. 

This method led to faster project delivery and higher-quality work through better collaboration between the contractor and owner. LEE Construction Group Inc., Doral, was chosen as the general contractor, with nine local subcontractors completing the work. Notably, 53% of the work, worth nearly $400,000, was performed by small business enterprise contractors.

The renovation included modernizing entrances; demolishing walls and ceilings; and installing new drywall, a metal-pan ceiling, soundscapes, glass, stainless steel and illuminated signage. The space was reconfigured to accommodate all abilities, with updates to seating, lighting, the fire protection system, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning. The project finished in September 2022 at a total cost of around $713,000.

The renovated lobby and cafe provide visitors with a bright, inviting space to relax, eat and socialize. Jackson Health leadership can point to the renovations as the physical manifestation of the system’s mission to build community health.