Carnegie’s Pike Print upholstery in the wellness center entrance at Wayne HealthCare creates a welcoming atmosphere and a comfortable and practical seating option for patients and visitors alike.

Image by Brad Feinknopf

Wayne HealthCare, located in Greenville, Ohio, offers an array of specialized treatment areas — from cutting-edge cancer treatment to advanced cardiology/cardiovascular services. The hospital’s commitment extends beyond acute care, with offerings such as corporate wellness programs and nutrition services aimed at promoting holistic well-being.

Wayne HealthCare faced the challenge of modernizing its facilities and expanding its services to accommodate the growing health care needs of the Greenville community. The decision to expand stemmed from a strategic planning process, which involved research and collaboration to identify solutions for enhancing patient experience and operational efficiencies. 

Seeking expertise in architectural design and health care facility planning, Wayne HealthCare engaged Trinity:NAC, part of architectural and consulting firm NAC based in Columbus, Ohio, to spearhead the planning efforts. Trinity:NAC’s role was crucial in developing a strategic vision for the hospital’s expansion, including the design of specialized care units and the integration of community wellness spaces. The two organizations collaborated to design a facility that exudes warmth and comfort while meeting stringent cleanliness standards.

Trinity:NAC encountered a diverse array of challenges when making plans to modernize the Wayne HealthCare facility. The company’s main goal was to create a space that not only reflects the institution’s commitment to delivering superior care but also cultivates a sense of community and comfort among its occupants.

A pivotal objective was to ensure that the physical environment mirrored the quality of care provided within the facility. Recognizing that the ambiance of a space profoundly influences individuals’ emotional states and perceptions, the design team meticulously crafted every design aspect of the campus. This included enhancing exterior views to promote tranquility for staff and patients, designing secluded alcoves for moments of peaceful reflection and selecting finishes that enveloped occupants in a welcoming embrace. 

Amidst the pursuit of aesthetic excellence, the design also had to conform to cleaning protocols. This necessitated the incorporation of durable, easy-to-maintain furnishing surfaces throughout the facility, ensuring high standards of hygiene and safety.

The solution came in the form of Maxwell Print and Pike Print, digitally printed, silicone-hybrid upholstery fabrics by Carnegie Fabrics, Rockville Centre, N.Y. These fabrics were applied to hospital furniture and provided the aesthetic appeal of woven textiles while meeting the performance and cleanability requirements mandated by Wayne HealthCare.

Trinity:NAC leveraged Carnegie’s digital printing technology and achieved a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The technology involves digital printing onto a polycarbonate polyurethane substrate and topping it with a silicone coating. This produces a nonwoven fabric that looks like a woven textile and can meet Wayne HealthCare’s stringent cleanability criteria. 

When it came to selecting upholstery fabrics, the Trinity:NAC design team was directed to consider only nonwoven textiles because of strict cleaning protocols. However, in addition to performance and cleanability, the upholstery selections throughout the space needed to look welcoming and textile-like. Carnegie’s Maxwell Print and Pike Print upholstery fabrics met those objectives.

“We’re getting the look and feel of something that is rich and soft but getting maintenance and the longevity that we would from something nonwoven,” notes Jill Woods, principal at Trinity:NAC.

With the support of Carnegie’s design services team, Trinity:NAC seamlessly integrated the fabrics into the design, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants. These efforts culminated in a space that exceeds expectations — offering an environment that combines style and functionality. It feels inviting and comfortable without compromising on cleanliness or durability.

Terri Flood, MHA, vice president of business development at Wayne HealthCare, says, “As Wayne HealthCare continues its legacy of compassionate care, which spans over a century, our collaboration with Trinity:NAC and Carnegie reflects our commitment to innovation rooted in community values. Together, we’re shaping a health care environment that not only meets the needs of today but also honors our rich history and sets the stage for generations to come.”