A 2011 interpretation by the Healthcare Interpretations Task Force (HITF) clarifies the space required between alcohol-based hand rub dispensers and possible ignition sources such as electrical outlets, according to a report in the September 20 issue of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering's ASHE Insider e-newsletter. The HITF decided this year that "adjacent" should be defined based on the criteria in the 2009 edition of National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, which includes a 1-inch buffer zone on the sides and bottoms of electrical outlets. Prior to 2009, NFPA 101 stated that dispensers "shall not be installed over or directly adjacent to an ignition source," which caused confusion over the interpretation of "adjacent." HITF is a committee organized by the NFPA that brings together nine key organizations, including ASHE, to establish consistent interpretations of specific code questions.