Photos by Matthew J. DeBoer

Facility: Nebraska Medical Center
Location: Omaha, Neb.
Architect: Leo A Daly

The 42-foot high, two-story Lauritzen Family Donor Sculpture rises through a vestibule in the Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, in memory of Kimball Lauritzen and her devoted community service and philanthropy.

Originally envisioned as an abstract glass sculpture, the final design was formed as an abstract floral because of Kimball's fondness for flowers. The sculpture, titled "Vivre!" or "life" in French, is located in the medical center's Storz Pavilion.

The piece reaches up through the existing terrazzo flooring and creates an illusion of movement as the viewer ascends a nearby staircase. The base of the sculpture is a wishing pond comprising glass stones that are lit from below.

The sculpture is composed of 3form Varia Ecoresin custom-formed "petals" attached to a central structural post that acts as a conduit for the fluorescent light tracks.

Kimball died after battling cancer. Bruce Lauritzen, her husband, served as chairman on the board of directors at the Nebraska Medical Center, the state's largest health care facility.

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