DESIGN // The Center for Health Design has posted videos from its Evidence-Based Design (EBD) Journal Clubs online. The one-hour videos feature authors who have published EBD papers and articles in peer-reviewed journals. Each video counts as one EDAC/AIA continuing education unit. The videos cover such topics as risk assessment in design, impacts of decentralized nursing unit design and tailored lighting solutions for long-term care facilities. Authors will not only discuss their studies in these areas, but how to translate each one into practice.

SAFETY // Humantech’s new E-book, “Four Key Elements of an Ergonomics Gap Analysis,” is the first in a five-part series about the steps required to build and sustain an ergonomics process. The book helps organizations process where they are and where they want to be as they work to develop better processes and “do ergonomics right.” Conducting a gap analysis will allow readers to answer critical questions along their journey.

ENGINEERING // The Gordian Group’s article “The Impact of Deferred Maintenance” discusses the negative factors associated with deferred maintenance and repair and how to better manage backlog and stay ahead of projects. The article discusses topics including the benefits of preset pricing and developing relationships with high-quality contractors.