Photo courtesy of Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare
The hospital added three surgical suites fitted with advanced technology.
Photo courtesy of Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare
With the new addition, rehab patients experiencing a setback can received continued care within the hospital instead of transferring to a new location.
Photo courtesy of Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare
25 private rooms are equipped with patient lifts to help nurses move patients from the bed.

Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, a leading rehabilitation hospital and specialized health care service provider in Pomona, Calif., has opened a new state-of-the-art medical-surgical wing.

The 38,220-square-foot expansion, which is adjacent to the existing acute rehabilitation wing on its 20-acre campus, will accommodate an additional 2,300 patients annually.

The new surgical wing features three state-of-the-art surgical suites, a six-bed intensive care unit (ICU), 25 private medical-surgical beds with patient lift systems and private bathrooms, a procedure room, and more. It also includes a gastroenterology procedure room, expanded diagnostic imaging, a pharmacy and a laboratory.

Physicians who specialize in a wide range of procedures ­— from orthopedic and neurosurgery to gastroenterology, urology, spinal surgery and more — perform surgeries in the new medical facility.

Unlike typical hospital settings, the new wing does not have an emergency unit, which means operating room schedules will not be affected by urgent or unplanned cases.

If any of Casa Colina Hospital's rehabilitation patients experience a medical setback, they will no longer need to be transported to another acute care hospital for stabilization. The new wing is equipped and staffed to handle acute medical cases when needed.

“With the new medical-surgical wing addition, Casa Colina will further meet its goals of providing the highest level of patient-centered medical and surgical care available anywhere in the region,” says Felice L. Loverso, president and CEO.

Casa Colina’s three new spacious surgical suites are a highlight of the new addition, featuring minimally invasive surgical systems and robotic-arm-assisted surgery for orthopedics/total joint replacements. 

Ceiling-mounted booms hold surgical equipment, allowing staff to easily move and adjust devices during procedures, which increases accessibility and decreases surgical time.

Designed with six wall-mounted screens and two portable screens ranging from 42 to 52 inches, the surgical suites also allow the operating room team to display vital signs, radiological images, lab values, pertinent patient data and images projected through endoscopic cameras.

Ceiling-mounted and in-light cameras also allow the surgeons to use telemedicine to share procedures with other surgeons in real-time, allowing them to seek expert assistance from off-site colleagues during complex procedures, if necessary.

Casa Colina’s goal is to provide patients with a comfortable and healing environment. Each of the 25 private patient rooms offers advanced telemetry, ensuring that physicians, nurses and staff can closely monitor patients, as well as two-way communication between patients and nursing stations via closed-circuit 42-inch television monitors.

Patient lift systems are installed in each room, allowing staff to safely assist in transferring patients to bathroom facilities. Two private rooms are designated for bariatric patients up to 550 pounds.

With Wi-Fi access in each room, patients can use their mobile devices or portable computers to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. A family day room, sun deck and garden courtyard provide comfortable settings for visiting or relaxing.

Physicians can provide immediate specialized care with instant bedside access to each patient’s digital medical records, all securely archived in Casa Colina’s electronic medical record system.

The new wing also offers a blood bank, an expanded hospital laboratory, adjacent diagnostic imaging services and access to a complete continuum of other medical and rehabilitation services.

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