»Patient Involvement by Amy Eagle

»Art That Works by Amy Eagle

Hospitals are exploring all types of strategies to reduce readmissions, improve care coordination and make com­munications between caregivers and patients more effective. A small but growing minority of facilities are tapping a simple, yet often overlooked, outlet in these efforts — the one that connects to the patient room television.

From California to Pennsylvania, hospitals and health systems are engaging and educating patients through the television in an effort to improve outcomes.

In addition, they're giving patients access to these programs outside the hospital via computer or smart phone. This allows physicians and nurses to provide information to patients either at the bedside or at home. The programs educate patients about everything from what to expect during their hospital stay to how to comply with recommended therapy once the patient goes home.

In this edition of Interiors, we explore the rapidly expanding value and uses of patient engagement platforms. In our report titled "Driving Patient Involvement," you'll discover some of the clinical, staffing and cost-saving benefits hospitals derive from this technology.

At least one institution has studied the use of a patient engagement platform with patients who have congestive heart failure. Findings show that the system has contributed to a reduction in readmissions and significantly cut unnecessary emergency room visits.

In our second report, "Art That Works," you'll see some of the many creative and fun ways hospitals are using artwork and other ornamental interior design elements to help with wayfinding and reinforcing branding and organizational mission.

Bob Kehoe
Associate Publisher,
Health Facilities Management


A note of acknowledgment

The editors would like to thank the many vendors and health care design firms who participated in this supplement.

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