University opens simulation center to health care professionals and students 

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Lake Superior State University lead simulation specialist Judy Hering, right, introduces an emergency scenario during a workshop conducted at LSSU’s simulation center.

Photo courtesy of Lake Superior State University

Lake Superior State University in Saulte Sainte Marie, Mich., recently opened its new simulation center featuring hardware and software for training students and regional health care professionals.

The center features task trainers and mannequins, and includes virtual reality for students to practice such technical procedures as suturing and delivering babies.

The  center will address critical skills including procedures, dynamic decision-making and communication. It will also help students to develop essential teamwork behaviors like managing high workloads and coordinating under stress.

Rural Texas hospitals pilot new app for hospital transfers

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The app is designed to assist rural hospitals in expediting patient transfers.

Photo courtesy of XFERALL

Childress (Texas) Regional Medical Center is using a new app to streamline patient transfers, according to KCBD-TV.

The app, called XFERALL [pronounced transfer-all] eliminates the hassle of nurses having to make phone calls, send faxes, and make follow-up phone calls when trying to find nearby facilities where patients can get the treatment they require in a timely manner.

Nurses at Childress are using the app to send an alert to participating hospitals. Participating hospitals able to treat that patient can accept the request and begin the transfer process. The app works in real time and sends messages and documents electronically, while complying with HIPAA regulations.

Officials at XFERALL LLC in Austin, Texas, say that it is focusing on the rural Texas market with plans to expand throughout the country.

Northeast health system brings virtual bedside visits to nursing facilities 

Covenant Health is installing telemedicine services at four of its skilled nursing facilities. The regional Catholic nonprofit health network provides eldercare and rehabilitation throughout the New England area, and is rolling out a new program to provide services during times when physicians are not on-site.

Off-site physicians, who are part of the TripleCare network, will conduct virtual bedside visits with patients at four nursing facilities (three in Massachusetts and one in Maine). Covenant’s on-site nurses will assist in the virtual visits. The hospital states that the telemedicine system shows promise in avoiding unnecessary hospital transfers.