Images courtesy of Timmerman Photography

Northern Arizona Healthcare’s Camp Verde Clinic made an investment in the health of their community by expanding primary care, and diagnostic and rehab services in rural Arizona.


Abington-Jefferson Health, Asplundh Cancer Pavilion


Willow Grove, Pa.



The services offered at the new location emphasize wellness and preventive care, supported by a facility design that blurs the line between the natural and built environment.

Programmatically, the facility combines an onstage/offstage clinic that supports seamless communication between providers and staff, with education and outreach services to support healthy choices and chronic condition management. 

The project’s site transitions fluidly from amenity to treatment space through a rehab sport court, publicly accessible walking trail and indoor/outdoor collaboration hubs that extend services to the outdoors.

Influenced by an extensive community engagement process, the building is carefully integrated into its desert environment. Its angled forms and overhangs showcase the surrounding landscape while protecting interior spaces from heat and glare.

High-performance mechanical and lighting systems minimize energy use, and indigenous plantings eliminate the need for irrigation. Material choices and design features, such as copper cladding and locally quarried limestone site walls, reference the region’s geology and history, creating a campus that is uniquely tied to its context and community.

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