The Facility Guidelines Institute’s (FGI’s) 2022 public comment period from July 1 to Sept. 30 provides an opportunity for anyone to comment on proposed changes to the upcoming 2022 edition of the Guidelines for Design and Construction documents. 

The complete drafts of the 2022 Hospital, Outpatient and Residential Guidelines documents can be found at the FGI website. Comments on the drafts can be registered through its portal.

During the comment period, FGI encourages all users of the 2018 Guidelines documents as well as readers who intend to use the 2022 edition to review the proposed changes and suggest where language could be improved for clarity or to better support clinical practices, infection prevention, and safe and effective patient and resident care. At this point in the revision cycle, only recommendations to change language that has already been added, revised or deleted will be considered.

For the 2022 revision cycle, FGI’s online comment platform was restructured to streamline the submittal process. Interested parties may submit comments using the platform. Video tutorials are available at the comment site to guide new users through the submission process. 

All comments submitted during the public review period are available for public consideration, and interested parties may submit opinions supporting or opposing any of them. Users also can edit their comments after they have been submitted. 

All comments will be reviewed by the 139-member 2022 Health Guidelines Revision Committee, and those accepted will be incorporated into the published 2022 Guidelines documents.