Providing training is a great way to engage and motivate technical staff, and there are many resources available across the field. The American Society for Health Care Engineering’s website offers a wide variety of on-demand learning topics as well as free Quick Training classes that can be completed in 20-30 minutes. 

In conjunction with ASHE, Owensboro Community & Technical College offers a Healthcare Facilities Leadership Associate Degree or Diploma and is a great option for those seeking a health care facilities leadership position or looking for resources to study for the Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) exam. Owensboro also offers a Healthcare Facilities Technician Certificate for those individuals who are just starting their career in health facilities. 

Similar to ASHE, the National Fire Protection Association offers training online, in the classroom and even on-site. Facilities leaders should consider setting up a training class with an expert at their facility and inviting industry professionals in their area to attend to maximize learning and earn continuing education credits. 

Another great option to bring learning directly to employees is a customized training program from Legacy FM. Beginning with focus group assessments, Legacy FM builds custom content based on a system’s job descriptions and specific training needs, including everything from basic facility management skills, equipment troubleshooting and regulatory compliance to business and soft skills. 

Content is delivered through a computer-based program, classroom presentations, field instruction materials and reference guides. After the content is developed, Legacy FM uses a “train-the-trainer” approach to coach subject matter experts on how to teach the courses themselves, providing self-sufficiency and sustainability. 

Course quizzes are then administered to participants to verify retention. Legacy FM is currently developing a public education option, where individuals can take a comprehensive assessment to identify which courses they will benefit most from. There is a wide array of training resources available across multiple platforms no matter a facility’s need or its budget.