Images by Mark Herboth

The UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute, a collaboration of the UC College of Medicine and UC Health, is a leading treatment, research and teaching center for complex neurological conditions. The design is focused on inclusive patient-centered care, with patient, clinician and community input considered in each stage of design.


UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute




Perkins & Will

The 194,000-square-foot outpatient facility brings together 125 faculty from 15 specialty areas into a new regional home for neurological care, education and research for those in the community with neurological conditions through application of neuro-architectural principles — from the flat floor parking garage to the treatment suite for activities of daily living.

The translucent tensile mesh façade is not just an architectural expression; it diffuses direct light, minimizes shadows and glare, reduces solar gain, eliminates the need for window coverings and provides the building its distinctive signature aesthetic.