A colleague recently asked me how one of our projects answered the customer’s “What’s in it for me?” question, or WIIFM. Sometimes we get so caught up delivering the solution we believe in that we don’t consider the WIIFM.

For example, after the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) delivered a successful in-person PDC Summit in March and ASHE Academy earlier this month, many of us are looking forward to the ASHE Annual Conference in Boston in July. Attending events like the PDC Summit, ASHE Academy, ASHE Annual Conference and other in-person programs enables connection, education and innovation in our field — and they also are fun! But, for some, it may be difficult or impossible to travel to these events. And some of them may be thinking, “WIIFM?”

The ASHE Advisory Board and I continue to promote the creation of easy-to-access, affordable education. Whether you aren’t usually able to attend our on-site events or you’re a regular, there are a couple interactive ASHE educational opportunities that we deliver directly to you: our hosted education programs and quarterly Just Ask ASHE webinars.

ASHE-hosted programs literally send our experts to you. These programs allow health care organizations, private companies, government and military groups, and ASHE-affiliated chapters to host quality educational programming. So, WIIFM? Offering a hosted program led by ASHE’s faculty at your organization provides you and your team with a private, tailored learning experience that saves you resources usually spent on sending whole teams to off-site, multiday trainings. For more information, visit ASHE's website.

Our Just Ask ASHE webinars offer a panel of code experts to discuss the latest developments on emergency preparedness, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and more with regards to codes and standards requirements. WIIFM? It is all delivered in a format that allows you to ask the questions that are important to you, your organization and field — and earn a continuing education credit to boot. This quarter’s Just Ask ASHE is on May 11.

So, regarding ASHE membership and ASHE educational opportunities, we can ask: WIIFM? Being part of the ASHE community means delivered education, advocacy, news and networking to meet your career and facility needs. That’s WIIFY!