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The Desert Scapes line of flooring brings the soothing qualities of the desert landscape into health care spaces. Offered in vinyl tile, vinyl sheet and carpet tile, its aesthetics capitalize on the restorative aspects of biophilic design with calming colors, organic-looking textures and gentle forms that evoke arcing dunes or fields of cactus blossoms. All flooring styles in the collection are carbon neutral. Interface

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This epoxy paste reduces risk of slips and falls with a durable, high-traction, completely solids-based formula. Designed for high-traffic areas, including stairs, the paste can last for years without reapplication and can withstand harsh weather, chemicals, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. It bonds to both porous and non-porous surfaces. Form-A-Tread

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Symphony Software is a water optimization and energy savings platform that helps facilities managers monitor the health of water systems remotely via its cloud-based interface. The software recently added analytics capabilities for potable water systems, which allow users to track conditions that lead to waterborne pathogen growth. Aquanomix

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TrueZero360 is a collection of low-profile recessed lighting suited to a variety of health care contexts. The LED lights deliver 2,000 lumens via a patented, four-part optical system, and are available in flush and 3/8-inch regress formats. Downlight, wall wash and adjustable options ensure even, ceiling-to-floor distribution of light and boast 360-degree, glare-free illumination from all angles. USAI Lighting

Fire safety

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The industry’s most complete cable sealing solution for fire, smoke and acoustics

The EZ-Path family of solutions addresses cable penetrations through fire-rated floors and walls and non fire-rated smoke partitions. For 20 years, health care facilities have depended on EZ-Path to provide maintenance-free assurance of fire and life safety code compliance.

  • EZ-Path Fire-Rated Pathways complete the cable pathway where data and communication cabling traverses fire resistance-rated assemblies, including smoke barriers. The self-sealing device allows for easy cable moves, adds and changes to keep up with technology upgrades while keeping facilities up to code.
  • EZ-Path Smoke and Acoustical Pathways are used in non fire-rated smoke partitions. These devices also self-seal and help restrict smoke passage while also providing an acoustical seal to help provide patient privacy.
  • EZ-Path Retrofit Devices help restore integrity of fire-rated wall assemblies where firestopping of existing cable sleeves or cable trays has been damaged over time due to cable moves, adds and changes.

EZ-Path Solutions are the gold standard for data and communication cable penetrations and often can pay for themselves with only a few cable changes. To learn more about these products, visit Specified Technologies Inc.

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FireblockWall is a reusable, 1-hour fire-rated temporary containment system. The latest in a line of temporary modular wall containment solutions for occupied renovations and infection isolation, it exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements and complies with NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, and the International Building Code thanks to pre-designed negative air panels and built-in fire-rated doors. Faster to install than conventional containment methods, this wall also boasts a Sound Transmission Class noise-blocking rating of 40 for optimal patient and staff comfort. STARC Systems

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FireSlide is a sliding door system that offers fire protection without compromising on aesthetics. With the look of a sliding flush wood door, this fire safety solution is tested to UL 10B standards to be fire rated for up to 45 minutes and protects against the spread of smoke. Surface-mounted and top-hung, these doors also feature acoustic seals for increased privacy and are available with fire-rated and impact safety-rated ceramic glass vision panels up to 100 square inches. AD Systems


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The M-Series Quad is created to support caregivers working in space-constrained point-of-care environments. Designed and engineered in Denmark, this sleek, minimalist workstation seats up to four people and allows each quadrant to be manually adjusted to an individual user’s desired height. It features a port for a surface-mounted battery-powered module to keep electronic devices charged. HAT Collective

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The Logger series of modular seating is a modern, eye-catching furniture solution ideal for waiting and reception areas that channels the laid-back sensibility of the great outdoors. Drawing inspiration from the landscapes of northern California, the rounded contours offer stylish and functional seating arrangements for open spaces. Allsteel

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Coupe lounge chairs combine contemporary style and ultimate durability for modern health care applications. The durable, non-porous polyethylene chair is cleanable with hospital-grade bleaches and solvents, while its one-piece construction is tamper resistant and eliminates ligature risk. It can be customized for indoor or outdoor use. Norix

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This workstation is designed for a modular health care lab setup. Designed to hold laboratory equipment, including fume hoods, tabletop workstations and enclosures, it is tested to a load capacity of 2,000 pounds supported by 2-inch square steel legs and adjusts to heights between 28 and 34 inches. Surface options include work surfaces, bottom shelves and seismic levelers. Hemco