Each patient room includes a smart TV that can be used for tailored patient education and entertainment.

Image courtesy of pCare

The Florida-based Moffitt Cancer Center recently established a partnership with pCare, a New York state-based provider of patient engagement technology systems, to integrate the provider’s Interactive Patient Care System (IPS) into its new Moffitt Cancer Center McKinley Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

“From the start, this new hospital was designed to simplify the patient experience, support innovation and efficiency, and commit to quality and future adaptability,” says Christine Alvero, vice president of hospital operations at McKinley. “That focus on innovation is what led us to this new technology.”

Engineered with meticulous planning, this technology ensures complete patient engagement at every stage of the care journey. Each 350-square-foot room in the new 10-story building includes a smart TV running the IPS. The system includes a digital whiteboard with essential patient and provider information, TV entertainment and the option for patients to connect their personal devices to the IPS.

“The system also includes the ability to video-connect a translator, who can also see the patient and their mannerisms and better facilitate communication and collaboration with the care team,” says pCare CEO David Bennett. “And all this can be done in real time through the television in the patient’s room.”

Moreover, the patient engagement platform features Room Connect, an innovative digital door display located at the room’s entrance that delivers vital patient information instantly via integrations with the electronic health record and other hospital technologies. Patients can also opt for a bedside tablet to navigate the system with ease.

This state-of-the-art technology is not confined to new facilities. Bennett notes, “A lot of organizations are renovating instead of building, and they are very focused on technology in terms of how it can improve the overall patient experience. A significant number of our customers are retrofitting facilities with this new digital technology.”

On July 31, Moffitt McKinley Hospital admitted its first patient. This comprehensive implementation is set to enhance the patient experience while providing invaluable support to caregivers and staff. It is a pivotal move in preparation for an expected community patient volume increase of up to 65% over the next decade.

“We really strive to make this experience the best that we can while patients navigate their cancer journey,” Alvero says. “Having these advanced technologies is just another piece of the puzzle to make that patient experience a little bit better.”