Welcome to the first edition of HFM Infrastructure News, the latest in our expanding roster of e-newsletters targeting major segments within Health Facilities Management's community of readers.

As with its companion newsletters, HFM Infrastructure News targets hospital and health care facility professionals with useful news, features and technical information in an easy-to-use format delivered right to your inbox.

In this inaugural issue we feature stories that highlight the critical role infrastructure plays in facility performance and operation ranging in ways from emergency preparedness to electrical equipment compliance to commissioning of technology systems.

First up is the feature "Planning for Disaster," a special report that is driven by data acquired from health care facility professionals through our 2014 Emergency Management Survey. The report goes into great detail on how a cross section of the nation's hospitals have responded to the many natural disasters that occurred in recent years and the lessons they learned along the way.

The second feature "Technology system commissioning" dives into how regulatory issues and industry guidelines work in concert with power system inspection, testing and maintenance to provide a framework for electrical equipment management strategy. The feature includes a host of resources for information on electrical testing and maintenance.  

The next feature "Maintaining power systems" tackles the issue of commissioning the growing number and complexity of building systems, medical equipment and information technology. Because vendor commissioning requirements and standards are limited most health care technologies have owner-defined operational configurations, interoperabilties and integrations that bridge multiple systems and infrastructure.

We also include news briefs on regulations in our Code and Standards section and stories from In the Field that includes news on recent developments impacting infrastructure.

We hope you enjoy HFM Infrastructure News and find this inaugural issue and the others to come useful for your job. Make sure you pass it along to your colleagues in the industry.