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Keys to Managing Hospital Renovation Projects On Time and On Budget

This free webinar highlights key takeaways from this year's survey. The webinar will cover 2017 Hospital Construction Survey results about future construction and infrastructure projects, budgets and designing for efficiency. Watch now.

About this survey


Health Facilities Management (HFM) and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association surveyed a random sample of 2,336 hospital and health system executives to learn about trends in hospital construction. The response rate was 10.5 percent.HFM and ASHE thank the sponsors of this survey: Gordian, Messer Construction and Modular Services Co. ASHE logo



Staff input helps hospitals achieve efficient designs

From bottlenecks in emergency departments (EDs) to communication breakdowns between departments to lengthy walks down corridors, hospitals face daily inefficiencies that can affect patient care, staff performance and their own bottom lines. But many hospitals are headed down the right path as they work to streamline the processes that can make or break a facility, according to Health Facilities Management’s 2017 Hospital Construction Survey, conducted in cooperation with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). More


Feedback drives health facility design process

Hospitals rarely are designed in a vacuum. But health care organizations that have long relied on input from clinical and facilities staff and other experts are now more frequently seeking feedback from a broader spectrum of stakeholders, including the patients and families the new structures will serve. More