Photo by Tad Fruits

Facility: Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital

Location: Indianapolis

Artist: Aaron T. Stephan

The sculpture of winding, intersecting ladders suspended from the ceiling of the two-story main concourse at the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis celebrates the journey to a higher ground marked by endless learning and healthful living.

Maine artist Aaron Stephan’s sculpture “Paths Crossed” was inspired in part by the work of 20th-century philosopher and writer Ludwig Wittgenstein. Through his writings, Wittgenstein encouraged others to ascend to a life of learning.

Stephan sees Eskenazi in a similar light as it strives to fulfill a mission of teaching others how to live a healthful life. The junction of six separate ladders, made of laminated hard maple, celebrates the interaction of many unique paths to health.

The sculpture is part of an art program at Eskenazi that began with more than 500 applicants from 39 states who submitted work. An independent jury selected 54 finalists, from which 19 were assigned to public spaces throughout the new hospital.