Vendors offer a wide selection of new lighting, infection prevention and carpeting products for the health care environment.


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Long life

With a 100,000-hour LED lifetime, the Millennium OS luminaire features an integrated microwave occupancy sensor for user-defined dimming to 10 percent for greater energy savings. Optimized for stairwell use, it is flexible enough for other applications, including outdoors due to its IP65 rating and wet location listing. Kenall

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Security solution

The LED Utility Wraps series fixtures can be surface- or ceiling-mounted in covered environments. The fixtures deliver up to 10 footcandles from Illuminating Engineering Society-recommended heights for stairwells, and seven to 10 footcandles at eight-foot installed heights for parking lane compliance.MaxLite

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Bright choice

Color Select is a proprietary LED technology that allows users to adjust white light in recessed fixtures over the broadest possible color temperature range, from 2200K (similar to candlelight) to 6000K (like mercury vapor). Users can control intensity from 100 percent down to 0.1 percent, using either standard roomside dimmers or programmable apps and control systems.USAI Lighting

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Light the way

The new VT series of LED luminaires offers multiple dimming options for nighttime lighting and automatic illumination in hallways and patient rooms when emergency buttons are activated. With a 50,000-hour service life, the system’s “volumetric” effect balances task illuminance and spatial brightness.Acuity Brands

Infection Prevention

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Supplemental solution

The product serves as a complement to a comprehensive infection prevention program by providing continuous protection against airborne pathogens by passing air through its patented disruptive plasma field. The plasma field safely destroys the protein biofilms of viruses, breaks down the cell walls of bacteria, and denatures mold, allergens and odors.Novaerus

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Measured impact

SmartUVC is a portable ultraviolet light disinfection system that precisely measures reflected UV-C emissions to automatically calculate the pathogen-lethal UV dose required to sterilize patient rooms. The system collects and reports all real-time infection prevention data gathered by its Sensor360 technology into a Web-based portal system.TRU-D

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Fast action

The device is a portable UV room disinfection system that uses pulsed xenon UV light to quickly destroy viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus and bacterial spores that cause health care-associated infections. With a five-minute disinfection cycle, the robot can disinfect dozens of rooms per day, including patient rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units and more.Xenex

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On target

The Optimum-UV system provides surface treatment enhanced through its ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) technology to deactivate dangerous and persistent pathogens for optimal prevention. It achieves 99.992 percent Clostridium difficile reduction in five minutes. The system supplements manual surface disinfection.Clorox Healthcare


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Durable design

The new Collective Time collection features three tile and two broadloom styles, which can be used to create a pattern mix or monochromatic space. Manufactured with Solution Q Extreme fiber and EcoWorx tile backing or Ultraloc broadloom backing, Collective Time is cradle to cradle Silver-certified, recyclable and manufactured with recycled content. Designed for high-performance environments, it resists soil and prevents acid-based stainsShaw Contract Group

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Pleasing patterns

The Memoir Collection offers multicolor large- and medium-scale designs for public space, dining areas and corridors, along with coordinating room carpet and luxury vinyl tile options. It is available in four broadloom, running-line patterns, four custom patterns and coordinating options from Mohawk Group’s Graniac Collection.Mohawk Group

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High performance

The Valetudo Collection is part of the “Goes Not Matches” family of high-performance textiles and finishes for health care applications. Taking cues from traditional stained-glass designs and hand-crafted artisan tiles, the collection translates the typical hard-surface patterns into the softness of textiles.Pallas Textiles

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Safe and stylish

The new Invision Rugs line of customized area rugs directly complements the company's broadloom and modular products. Customers can select a base carpet pattern from any of Invision’s in-stock broadloom products and then enhance their creation from a variety of border and binding options.J+J Flooring Group

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