Regular visitors to have seen many changes over the past several months. To our former functional but somewhat static home page, we’ve added new content and additional editorial that’s refreshed much more frequently.

Chief among these changes:

• A revamped main feature carousel, which highlights a new set of top stories every week

• Our recently introduced “Data Dive” interactive statistics feature, which shows results from Health Facilities Management’s exclusive roster of surveys

• More frequently updated “Editor’s Picks,” “Popular Articles” and “Web Exclusive” features

• New regulatory “Checklist,” product “Solutions” and “From Our Archives” items

• Job listings from the American Hospital Association’s Health Career Center

Despite these improvements, we know that personal engagement of our editors with the industry and our readers is key to a successful website. That is why we’ve decided to take the next step by starting this daily blog.

With news and insights gathered by our editorial team, HFM Today will provide immediacy to complement our website’s Twitter stream, but with a more relaxed and expansive take on health care facility design, construction and operations.

Starting next Monday, for instance, Senior Editor Jeff Ferenc, will provide weekly descriptions and pictures of impressive new health care building projects both here and abroad. On Tuesdays, Associate Editor Jamie Morgan will examine various industry trends she’s observed during her frequent interactions with hospitals, vendors and consultants.

On Wednesdays, it’s your turn, with HFM Today running an online poll to get your opinions on important and not-so-important issues of the day.

Thursdays again will take a closer look at another emerging industry trend and, on Fridays, we will review the top news and regulatory items that you might have missed during your busy week.

As we continue to tweak the formula, we’ll undoubtedly come up with new topics and features to keep you engaged, with Senior Editor Bob Kehoe and I chiming in along the way.

So be sure to check in daily for our initial offerings and please don’t hesitate to send us your ideas for future blog-related topics.