Photo courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital is designed to support Jefferson Health’s high standard of care. The 102,000-square-foot, cutting-edge facility features a new garage, ambulatory services building and a new entrance lobby. The design shows a commitment to aesthetically pleasing designs as well as to functionality.


Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital


Cherry Hill, N.J.


Ewing Cole

Site landscaping creates a parklike environment surrounding the entire facility for patrons to view and experience. The lobby, bathed in natural light, projects an upbeat environment more reminiscent of a hotel than a hospital. Warm wood ceilings, color accents, artwork and hospitality-based furniture softly enliven and punctuate the space.

The hospital supports multiple departments and is connected to the existing tower and an ambulatory building as well as a future tower. A new patient center and café offer seating that overlooks gardens. The ambulatory surgery department houses a reflection room for patients and guests who seek quiet moments. Family zones are provided, along with a new conference area and breakout zone, for the hospital and its larger community.

The building’s exterior glass surface is intermixed with travertine stone to project contemporary sensibility, warmth and timelessness.

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