Being a health care environmental services (EVS) technician is an important and rewarding career, but it’s not for everyone. Some lack the personality to interact well with patients and staff. Some lack the aptitude and attention to detail necessary to fight infection. Still others don’t enjoy the hospital setting. Those are just a few of the reasons hospitals may have EVS turnover rates of 50% or more.

Motivation is helpful for reducing turnover and retaining good employees. EVS directors can create a more motivating atmosphere by doing the following:

  • Create a positive work environment. First, EVS employees must know that they are valued and respected. They must be reminded that they play an important role in patient outcomes and their performance matters. Second, leaders should take every occasion to celebrate success. Great evaluations, milestones, promotions and other achievements should be acknowledged publicly.
  • Promote awareness of advancement. New technicians should be made aware of job benefits and the possibility of career advancement. A competent, hardworking tech can move up the organizational chart relatively quickly, if career advancement is something they desire. Good EVS directors will determine what motivates their employees and help them achieve it. Directors also can push for pay commensurate with a job’s responsibility. The field is filled with success stories of technicians who rose from an entry-level position to supervisor, manager or even administration.
  • Encourage employees to seek accreditation. AHE has several accreditation opportunities for EVS personnel. Earning new credentials opens doors for promotion and advancement. Earning a credential builds self-esteem and pride for the individual and the entire team. Having credentialed staff also is great for a health care facility because it promotes a higher standard of performance and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.